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Where we are

The high mountain Liguria country is located at an altitude of 315m above sea level, and a distance of 14km from Arma di Taggia, 20km from Sanremo and 30km from Imperia. This ancient country village ( Borgo) sits between two valleys: the Argentina and the Carpasina. The earliest settlers in this area date back to medieval times, most of the historical culture is still well preserved to this day.

The farming and pastoral cultivation used types of terraces cut into the mountains as a method of transportation running along the South Western side of the Colletto mountain together with the inhabitations built in close formation as a form of protection from frequent Saracen invasions.

Behind the medieval borgo are the Argentei olive groves, from where an excellent extra virgin olive oil from taggiasca olives is produced. Beyond the groves are Catagnetti trees stretching up to the alpine pastures.

The terrain in which these trees have been cultivated for centuries now is quite an authentic work of art in construction with dry stone walls. ( in Italian, “Terrazzamenti”, and in Liguria dialect , “Fasce.”) This method of building was founded by the early cultivators in the area. Due to the tight formation of the land, cultivation was made very difficult, many of these zones were also inaccessible to vehicles; consequently, all the work had to be done manually without the assistance of mechanical tools.